Travelogue ~ Biloxi, MS and the Gulf of Mexico

We had never taken our kids to the ocean, we hadn't seen my Mississippi dwelling dad in a very long time, and my kids were dying for some cousin's from Oklahoma time.  So we all congregated in Biloxi, Mississippi for a week.

We opted to fly in late instead of waking up early.  This was the best way we could figure out to get our sleeping kids from the car to the room.  They had no recollection of this and got a kick out of the picture.

We wanted a suite with a kitchen that was on the ocean and ended up at the Ocean Club at Biloxi.  When I first opened the door to our room I was shocked - it was way more luxurious than I expected.  It had walls of glass overlooking the ocean and had more square footage than my house. 

First day on the beach.  In New York when you go to a body of water you get out to warm up.  Not so in Mississippi.  You sweat buckets and get in the 95 degree water to cool off - the way it should be!

These things look so cool, but were worse than paddle boats.  This activity will not be a repeat!
I was so nervous about the baby but the water was so shallow that it wasn't as scary as I expected, and he was in his own little baby heaven.
Some kids are just serious, and they don't have to smile in pictures. :)

On Sunday we went out to Ship's Island.  The water in Biloxi was muddy and kind of gross, but it was crystal clear at the park.  The kids all had a blast looking for jelly fish and shells.

My husband's new favorite profile photo.

It was the first time in 7 years we'd been away for a week just to relax.  It was like water to my soul and we're planning on going back next year.  I can already hear the waves....

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