Henrietta, NY Christmas Family Photography ~ Donna & Eryl

The last time Donna and Eryl had their photos taken professionally was 10 years ago.  She told me that they all hate having their photos taken, but I have to say that they appeared to be having a great time.  Their family has an awesome sense of humor and I was laughing pretty hard too. 

The original plan was to use a black backdrop inside if it was raining.  It had been raining all day with the approach of hurricane Sandy, but let up for about an hour right when I arrived. Amazing.  I was super thankful because I really hate backdrops more than just about anything.  This red bush right in their back yard was perfect for Christmas pictures.  The amount of background you need to make a nice background is really quite small.  Hooray for no backdrops!

I have actually never taken a family picture with an animal... okay, maybe once but the dog didn't cooperate.  This cat was awesome.  His name is Snoopy.
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