Travelogue ~ Niagra Falls, Ontario Canada with three small children

For 20 years my mom has prepared gourmet Thanksgiving meals with my stepfather, Harvey.  We spent many turkey eating holidays in Ithaca, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and my aunt's ranch in Texas.

Lung cancer took Harvey's life in March, so this year called for something completely different.  Rather than choke down turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes that will never be the same without him, we went to Canada for American Thanksgiving and had a very nontraditional but wonderful time.

Actually, Great Wolf Lodge may be the pinnacle of my children's childhood experiences thus far (or maybe it was Biloxi...), but that's another post.  This post is about the actual waterfall because GWL was awesome, but I was busy being a mom and the pictures aren't quite as nice.  I'm sure it's the most photographed location on the planet, but it was still fun for me.  Added bonus: I learned how to spell Niagara.

The kids weren't pensive and awestruck for much of the time... mostly they were complaining like good children do when their parents are enjoying nature.

This rainbow is there all the time, which is incredible.  I wonder if any other waterfalls have perpetual rainbows.  I know none of the falls in Ithaca do!

"Quick, before the kids run away!"

And what kid can't resist a good seagull chase?

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