Rochester, NY Candid Child Photography ~ Ansley and Luke

One of the first photographers whose work I fell in love with doesn't photograph children.  It took me a while to realize that part of the reason his images looked so technically perfect *all the time* was because he was working with adults.  Kids are a completely different ball game. 

Sometimes - no all the time, there's some kind of technical compromise.  I can't help but love it anyway.  Even on a deeper level that's just how life is - never quite how you planned it and full of making things work with what you've got (for those of us who love plans it can be a tough lesson!).

The awesome thing about kids is that what they come up with is always better than what I could have imagined.  Thanks for spending the day with me Ansley and Luke - you remind me to let lose!

These have to be two of my favorite images of all time.  Can you look at these without grinning ear to ear?

Luke was way, way more interested in football than me.  Totally understandable.
This caterpillar saved the photo shoot. They were winding down when one of the kids found it and we got a few more images after that.  Yea for caterpillars!

After this session I wanted to keep Heather - she is incredible with children!!!
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