4 Awesome Winter Photography Locations ~ Rochester, NY On Location Photography

by Debra Wallace

You want professional portraits now because your baby just started walking or your 6 year old lost his front teeth and you want to remember it forever, but you have a problem.  It's February and you live in the arctic tundra.  Believe it or not, there are more winter location options than you would think.

Option #1:Your House (or someone else's).  Families use their homes as photo session locations all the time, and your house doesn't even need to be clean!  That would be stressful.  You only need a small area that's clean - a wall and floor space or even just curtains.  The great thing about a photograph is that you can choose what to put in it.  If you have younger kids, your home also has the added benefit of helping your children feeling more comfortable.

If you have a friend or family member who has a great house, you can also crash their place.

Check out these awesome in home images.

I first met Abby when she was in her mom's belly.  This is one of my favorite images of all time, and it was taken in their living room.

Even just a white wall works well.  Throw in some cute kids and you have a great photo. :)

If it's near the Holidays you can also go with a holiday theme and include some decorations in the background.

Kids are really cute laying down on textured blankets, so if you're not thrilled with the floors, you can throw a fun blanket on the floor.
You may remember this image from this post, and yes it was taken in June, but you can still use a porch area and a space heater, or again the wall/floor thing.  You really don't need a lot of space.

I admit, this was also taken in the summer, but it's still inside!  It was actually super hot that day, so basically the opposite problem.  Sam has a great house, but I especially loved the stain glass.  The baby is already 7 months old!

Option #2: Brave the Cold.  I hibernate in the winter too, but going outside (even briefly) to take a few pictures can turn out really nicely.  You can either do the layers with sweaters and hats version, or the super bundled version.  Kids look awfully cute all bundled up! 
You may remember Elliot from this post (and this one when he was just born, and this one in utero).  I love this family!  I was so incredibly impressed they didn't cancel.   It doesn't look it, but this day was ridiculously cold.  Everyone managed to stay happy and smiley - impressive!

Option #3: Backdrops.  I have to admit I prefer walls and floors and more natural looking situations, but if you really are just in love with backdrops I'm happy to pull mine out.

Option #4: Top Secret Locations.  Contact me for some ideas about other locations that are allowed but probably shouldn't be advertised... if every photographer flocked to these awesome places then some rules might be enacted. 

The arctic tundra isn't so bad in February after all!

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