Rochester, NY Newborn Photography ~ Eli, 8 days old

I have to say the worst pictures I take are of my kids.  I absolutely love my camera (and my lights!) but my standards for other people and my standards for my family... let's just say they're not the same.  I think it's usually because I'm too busy being their mom, or maybe just enjoying life, or recovering from childbirth!

It took everything in me to take these photos when Eli was 8 days old.  

This last one is a great example of how every shot is not for every person.  This doesn't fit my husband's personality AT ALL (but the one above it is 100% me!).  He was such a good sport.  I was also surprised that some of the pictures I took that were similar to ones I took for other people and loved, I really didn't like for my own child.  That's constantly on my radar during sessions, but I overlooked it for myself.  Lesson learned!

Eli is already five weeks old and my house is a disaster because I've been trying to soak up every breath he takes.  Actually, it's always a disaster, but I'll take the excuse for now. :)

I'll be announcing fall mini sessions soon - stay posted!
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