Rochester, NY Newborn Photography ~ Story KaraMia, 5 days old

Kara and I have the same midwife and both are in love with home birth so we had something in common right from the beginning.  She was really excited about maternity photos and then I was absolutely blessed with the opportunity to meet their beautiful baby.

The miracle of new life never grows old.  She is just absolute perfection.

  This is the incredible story behind her name.


As most of you know, Robert and I met and fell in love through the written words of our daily handwritten letters. We knew of each other through his parents but learned who each was through our writing over many years. We wrote daily for 18 months before we ever met. It was not romantic for quite some time; it was deep love, respect and friendship. We bared our souls to the page and waiting for responses to our past hurts, triumphs, failures. We shared our individual stories and in doing so created our own story.

Kara and Robert have all of their letters to each other, and this is Story with the words that began the love story that brought her into the world.

And so, as our daughter breathed her first breath of air in this wide, beautiful world, she could have no other name: Story. She is the profound and glistening present and future of our stories and she came into existence because Robert and I chose to share our histories, bare and brave, with one another.

Story KaraMia Veeder, born July 1, 2013 at 7:36pm weighing 7 pounds and 3 ounces, 20 1/4 inches long. She is the embodiment of perfection.

Oh, Story, this world will be changed by you, my dear sweet girl.

We love you madly and have waited our whole lives for your creation. Thank you for choosing us for your parents.


Kara and Robert are so expressive in their love for each other.  It's inspiring.

Welcome to the world angel!!!

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