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The quintessential question of all time - how do you evoke that wonderful happy, toothy smile in children?  It turns out that the answer has been in front of me all along.  It's not dad juggling in the background, nor mom giving the photographer bunny ears.  It's not even making farting noises.  The answer is to give them a giant snake.

This entertainment was provided by the Reptile Guys in Spencerport who have a rather underwhelming web presence.  The one guy was swinging some kind of lizard by its tail which is was none too happy about, so I guess there may be some questionable animal treatment here as well.  I do have to say though, that the kids had a blast and it was quite an experience.  A reptilian petting zoo if you will.

And of course there are always the kids who don't want to touch the snakes.  Namely mine.  But it was okay because I got to live vicariously through other people. :)

My two year old was a little bit more interesting than the older ones.

And I got some cute face painting pictures, which was good because it was raining and pretty much came off as soon as we left the building (which I have to admit I wasn't particularly disappointed about). :)  The face painting was provided by Fancy Faces of Rochester - they did an amazing job.

This is one of my new favorite pictures of my son, Caleb.  I love the innocence - this is so him.

Thanks to the PCC LEAH chapter board for a wonderful rainy day picnic!!!

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