Rochester NY Family Photography, What is a Mini Session?

A long time ago during a lull in my photographic endeavors I took my kids to JCPenney's Portrait Studios.  It was a nightmare and we never went back.  Lots of people have that experience, but lots of people also love JCPenneys.  I've learned not to be offended. :)  On the other hand, private photo sessions are a little on the pricey side for some people.  So what is a mini session?  It is the best of all worlds.

I love these guys.  They are absolutely wonderful people and this is one of my all time favorite family photos.
Mini sessions are when a photographer parks herself in a park for a few hours and families sign up for shorter, less expensive sessions.  It's private in the sense that it's just your family being photographed, but it's a group session in the sense that you're essentially splitting the cost with another family.  It's sort of the JCPenney model, only it's exceptional photography (did I just say that?).  And it's outside.  Down with cheesey backdrops!

The added bonus is that you don't have to organize a thing!

Mini sessions make people this excited! (Actually, they just jumped because I suggested it, but they look happy, right?)
There are generally fewer images to pick from during a mini session because they're 20 minutes long, which means it's not ideal for some situations.  However, for a lot of people it's the best of everything and is especially good for Holiday Cards.

Kim said, "Thanks so much for the pics and cards.  They are all great - right down to the packaging!!  I can't believe I have my Christmas Cards done in November. I am ecstatic!!!!! Will have to make this an annual ritual.  :)"

Of course, if you're not ready to order cards yet, you can always order them later and sleep well knowing that the hardest part (keeping kids clean from the time you dress them until they're done being photographed) has been taken care of already.

Hooray for mini sessions!  I should sign up for a slot myself.  Because our family photos are... well let's just say the shoemakers son doesn't have any shoes.

Click on the image above for details or the image below to sign up.  Email me at with questions or call 261-9059.

I hope you see you soon!


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