Frequent Flyers ~ Abbie and Averie

They were laughing and playing and running around and hiding.  The energy was palpable.  Even the bribe of chocolate didn't go too far, but the facial expressions were outstanding anyway.  There may have been some concern on the parental end that we wouldn't end up with any wall-worthy portraits, but the awesome thing about photography is that you only need about 1/125th of a second or so.  :)

It's cheesy but true - one of the greatest joys of my professional photographic life is families that come back
every year.  I am so honored to watch these beautiful girls grow up.

And now for a brief nostalgia inspired interlude.  Digging up these favorites made me sad I won't see them again for a while!

Kim was one of my very first clients and this is when she was pregnant with Abbie.  Isn't she stunning?  This is one of my all time favorite maternity photos.
And of course, the welcome baby Abbie picture.  Can you believe how big she is now???  Does it make me old if I say it goes by so fast?  It really honestly does!
Even bigger...
Even bigger.
We did inside sessions for a few years, but then Kim went for the mini sessions and I think is now a mini session convert.  They're over for this year, but something to keep in mind for next!


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