Martial Arts Photography ~ Kumdo

by Debra Wallace

My husband Jason was becoming a bit of a bum.  He switched from biking several miles to work every day rain or shine, to commuting an hour.  He's got a metabolism that would make a super model jealous, but his stay-awake strategy for driving included eating.  I would have looked like a marshmallow - he just had a couple of grams of fat on his belly.  But exercise is for everyone and his cholesterol levels told a different story.

He holds a second degree black belt in Ishin-Ryu but he hadn't trained since high school.  I looked up schools for him.  I encouraged him to go.  And now I see a lot less of him.  Hopefully this will even out over time when he doesn't die of a heart attack?  One can hope.

He's now training at Agape Martial Arts and comes home afterwards nearly giddy with excitement.  I don't get it, but it certainly makes for a happier husband.  

This portrait was inspired by an application I was working on that required a photograph taken with a strip light.  Natural light photography is super popular right now, but I have to say that in my opinion, playing with light is the best thing about photography.

I love this portrait.  It's captures so many things I love about Jason.  


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