New product ~ Photo Collages!

I read an article a while back that talked about being overwhelmed by choices.  The example was that if someone handed you 3 items of clothing and asked you to pick your favorite you could do it easily.  If someone asked you to go to Manhattan and find your favorite piece of clothing you might find that task a little more daunting.  For that reason, I've learned to be selective about these things.

But when I saw these storyboards I couldn't quite resist.  They are so ridiculously cute!  I think I might need some for my kids' rooms.

I'm also excited to be introducing wall art collages.  Choose two to six photos to be transformed into a completely customized work of art. This is an example but the sky is the limit.

These are especially great for Holiday Gifts.  Be sure to schedule your session soon if gift portraits are in your future!

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