Liz & Bernie ~ Brighton, NY Candid Outdoor Family Photography

You know those weeks when the water line from your house starts leaking into your driveway and the City of Rochester says it's your $1200 responsibility to get it fixed.  You call a plumber who tells you to call another plumber, who tells you to call a water line guy (??).  Perplexed as you're trying both to process a procedure previously unknown to you, your two year old has an accident and various other children are screaming in the background.

You might be tempted to be irritated.  Irrational even.  Maybe you'll call your hubby at work just to spout off.

Or maybe you'll remember an unexpected upheaval and keep yourself focused on the will-this-matter-in-10-years litmus test.

This family has been living the litmus test.  I don't know Bernie that well and I'm sure he's amazing.  I know for sure Liz is one of the most positive people I've ever met and for a not-so-positive person like me, her enthusiasm for life sends little tears sliding down my cheeks.

Check out these Facebook comments.  So sweet!

I won't tell you what Liz said to cause her daughter's facial expression, but I'm pretty sure I made the same face. :)

Thanks for the sweet memories.  I'm praying for you all!!!


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