Brinley ~ Greece, NY Newborn Photography in Your Home

by Debra Wallace

Nella told me she hated me and all cute pregnant people.  She also told me I was the worst salesperson ever and that I gave her daughter baby acne.  Then she asked when we could schedule our next session.  She said it with a smile more contagious than Christmas lights before Thanksgiving.

After having missed nine months of her life to hyperemesis (AKA incapacitating pregnancy related nausea and associated activities), she gave birth to her third, healthy baby girl.  Meet Brinley, 13 days old.

Headband by Sara from Tres Lulu.

Baby girls have the best clothes!!!

Mark is a husband labor coach superstar.  He and Nella are Bradley Childbirth instructors and I heard a rumor that he laid down the law with the hospital.  If you're ever having issues with hospital staff, call this guy.

Photo collages are my favorite!!!  I love the way this one turned out.

Sweet baby... she's already two months old.

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