How it All Comes Together ~ In Home Professional Newborn Portraits in Rochester, NY and Ithaca, NY

by Debra Wallace

It would only be too early to plan your newborn session if you're not yet pregnant.  If you've got that covered, today is the day to get some things checked off your preparations-for-baby list!  On the other hand, if you've already had the baby, it's not too late either.  Contact me and we'll get you set up!

1. Timing.  The best time for portraits is 3 to 10 days after the baby arrives.  It gives them a little time to dry out, but not so much time that they get baby acne and notice when you move them around.  And while it's never too late for pictures, if you're looking for posed sleeping baby shots, that time frame will be your best bet. 

2.  Location.  Most sessions take place in your home since that's where you're most comfortable, but I can also set up a studio at my house, or if it's during the summer months, outside portraits trump inside any day.

3.  Style.  Spend a few minutes to look at the newborn galleries and identify a style you love.  Do you want dad holding the baby sleeping, do you love props, do you want just the baby sleeping on a blanket, etc.? You'll want to prioritize your top three setups (e.g. one with a specific hat, one with dad, one on a blanket, etc.).
Option 1: Outside with a baby sized container.
Option 2: Being held (there are many variations of this).
Option 3: Just the baby on a blanket.

4.  Other people.  Of course we can just focus on the baby, but it might also be memorable to include other family members.  Siblings with their newborn brother or sister are especially touching.

5.  Include special items.  If great-grandma made a beautiful quilt or dad is a firefighter or musician, including items that reflect your family's identity increase the "awww" factor.

DSC_3649_ WEB

Kara and Robert fell in love writing letters to each other, which they kept.  They named their baby Story.  You can read more here.  The number one image they wanted from their session was Story sleeping with the letters that led to her arrival.

They also love music. :)
Newborn session take up to three hours, or until you kick me out, whichever comes first.  Babies need time to eat and be cleaned up after pooing and whatnot, so sessions are really laid back.  We hang out while the baby eats, wait for the baby to sleep, take a bunch of portraits, then repeat.

If you'd like to schedule your session contact me at, or use the contact form.  Be sure to ask about Baby Bundles!

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