6 Helpful Tips for Capturing Your Belly ~ Creative Maternity Photography, Rochester, NY

by Debra Wallace

If your stomach is anything like mine, it may soon resemble a deflated air mattress.  Before that happens, be sure to create some photographic memories so that you can relive your taut stomach and perfect skin while forgetting the waddling and grape sized bladder.

When should you schedule?  Maternity sessions are typically scheduled in the third trimester with at least a little wiggle room before your due date.  You can also purchase a Baby Bundle (3 to 5 sessions) for additional savings.

1.  Wear a belly hugging shirt.  Cameras love to imply weight instead of shape, so snug clothes are definitely better to clarify that it's a baby and not Christmas cookies.

2. Pick a location that's meaningful to you.  It's even better if there is some variety with regards to nature and architecture so that you have plenty of options.

 3.  Bring a few different clothing combinations.  Similar to the above tip, it can give you quite a lot of variety in your images with minimal effort.

4.  Alternatively, you can also remove some clothing to capture your superhuman capabilities.  This isn't for everyone, but I know for me personally it's the only time I'm really captivated by and not particularly self conscious about my body.

5.  Include your family.  Big brothers and sisters capitalize on the cute factor.  Having dad participate is also a bonus.  You may also want to think about other people who have supported you - like your own parents or close friends.

6.  Include an object that's meaningful to you.  You can include an ultrasound picture, a special gift such as a blanket for the baby, shoes for the baby, etc.  Some families even have sessions in the baby's future nursery.

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