Nicole ~ Winter Outdoor Portraits in Scottsville, NY

"And whatever you do, don't put plastic on your pillows or mattresses."  Nicole was the foster parent trainer in our foster parent class and I wanted to be her.  "They're not foster kids - they're kids who happen to be in foster care."

When Jason and I signed up for the training class, this is what I envisioned my family would look like.  A house full of kids who called me mom despite our genetic differences.  So far, God has had a different plan for our family, but we're still certified and Nicole's refrain is, "So, do you want to take more kids?"

Shortly after she gave birth to the one biological child she thought she'd never have, she became a lawyer in order to work to defend kids in the system.  She has her sights on systemic change and I still want to be her.

This is my 7 year old's favorite.

I love you guys!!!

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