2014 Portrait Give Away

There's a woman I know who swept pounds of cracker crumbs and egg noodles from the floor in my dining room.  She spent seven hours in a car holding toys up for my toddler while switching movies in and out of a DVD player for the other kids so I could be in Pennsylvania as my stepfather was nearing the end of his life.   She drove seven hours to attend that same funeral.  She would periodically call me and say, "I have free time this week, can I help you in some way?"

Similarly, another woman I know whom I met in a businessy way brought me two overflowing pans of baked ziti after my latest baby was born.  Her Christmas gift to us was a full screen viewing of Frozen where my kids could recline in chairs four times their size as they stuffed their little faces with popcorn.

There was the money that poured in after our son Matthew passed away, the coolers loaded with homemade food, the phone calls and emails and caringbridge visits, and the people who hugged me and just said, "I'm sorry."

Have you come across people in your life like that?  The people who simultaneously make you feel like a loser and make you want to lift your eyes from your navel and imitate them?

Here is your chance to honor someone remarkable in your life.  To receive information about the Give Away, enter your email address below.

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