Danielle & Larry ~ Brighton NY family photography in the winter

by Debra Wallace

January is not a popular on location photography month.  Things are really quiet and it's nice to have a little bit of a breather.  However, should you be itching for some photographic goodness, snow is no reason to hold back!  There happen to be many studio-less winter options available.

Danielle and Larry bought their house because they loved the location and renovated everything.  The result is a beautifully photogenic house (unlike our last city house, or our somewhat bland brand new construction house).  It has a lot of character and really, what better place to photograph your family than in your home?

This may be my new favorite sibling picture.  I don't get to do bed pictures very often and I'm a huge fan of them!  I'm especially impressed with people who actually make their beds because... well, I don't.

If you'd like to watch Trevor grow, check out this post, and this one.  He loves a good boy band song and a dance party.

Danielle is quite proud of these rolls - as she should be!

And it's always a great idea to finish up with a picture of just the adults - because when you look through your photos years later you may realize you don't have any since your wedding.
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