Location ~ How to Choose a Great Location ~ Getting the Most out of Your Portrait Session

by Debra Wallace

There are three main decisions to make when preparing for a portrait session and they are:


This page is full of location ideas, so click away!

1.  The location is beautiful.  Most people choose locations just because they appreciate the beauty.  Some favorite locations of mine are:

Charlotte Beach
And even though I wouldn't expect my Rochester families to hike down to Ithaca for portraits, these are worth looking at for inspiration.  If you live in Ithaca, choosing a location is a breeze since it's hard to go wrong surrounded by waterfalls!

Taughannock Park, Northpoint

2.  Choose a location that's meaningful to you.  Robert and Kara chose the Eastman Gardens because it's close to their home and they go there frequently.  Eastman Gardens happen to be gorgeous, but you can also choose a location based solely on its meaningfulness. 

3.  Your house, because it's practical (and usually beautiful too).  Your house is often a perfect spot for portraits - especially if the weather is questionable. 

4.  You need to be inside.  If the weather is unpleasant and you don't love your house, there are still some options available to you.

Local libraries (shh, don't tell!)

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