Le Roy, NY Newborn Photography ~ Tirian, 9 Days Old

by Debra Wallace

A friend of mine periodically says that it's hard to deny that God exists when you hold a baby.  I think Bridget and Jon would agree.  Meet Tirian, 9 days old.

You can see Tirian being born by clicking here (it's rated G).

Children may have been bribed in the taking of this image... but it's genuine - he loves his baby brother deeply, just got a little camera shy.
In the background is one of Bridget's amazing paintings - her house is wallpapered with them.  You can see her work in focus at www.briduvielsworld.com 

A personal favorite.  It makes me want to drive to their house and hold him for a while (mine is now old enough to crawl away).

I love his newborn body fuzz.
Bridget said his toes reminded her of little grapes.
The hat Bridget made last time for the boy she ended up not having (until now).
About the Name.  So creative!
And a little slice of real life. :)

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