Conesus, NY Family Portrait Photography ~ Sarah and Josh at the Farm

I have a vivid memory of Sarah on speaker phone saying, "Debra will deliver the baby, you just need to catch it."  She was talking to my husband.  I was about to give birth.  My faulty directions meant my husband caught the baby.

Sarah is a midwife who's been serving women in Rochester for quite some time.  She's attended every one of my births over the last eight years.  In the winter, I wanted to reward some remarkable people and Kara nominated Sarah with this lovely essay: click here to read it.

It was an honor to be able to give a little bit back to her.  On my way down to Conesus I couldn't help but recall all my memories of her attending my births - first as a student, and then on the phone as my husband caught Eli.  For a few of them, she was pregnant herself.

Sarah, thank you so much for all of the ways you've blessed the women of Rochester!

Sarah had each of the kids hold something that was meaningful to them.  Lily was holding a kitten, which she re-captured for the next picture.

This is the gate to the garden where Sarah spends "a lot of time."  I bet - it's huge!!!  They also have their own chickens, rabbits, cows, kittens, turkeys and probably other animals I didn't have a chance to meet.

Sarah specifically chose the formal dresses in the woods look, which she loves.  I loved it too!

A little after session treat...

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